The one that started it all. Created from fresh home grown ghost pepper in the very beginning. The same formula we started with still stands true today!  From the amazing flavor and heat of the Ghost Pepper to the smooth Roasted Red Pepper, this sauce is a must have for every hot sauce enthusiast!

Menage á Peppers®


Three peppers…One bottle.  What more do you need!?  The amazing melody of Thai Chilies, Habaneros and Cubanelles infused with fresh Mango is sure to please even the finest palate!

Horse Soldier Bourbon Hot Sauce

We had the honor to team up with the true American Hero’s at Horse Soldier Bourbon and made something really special!   Vinegar aged in fresh bourbon barrels mixed with fresh habaneros and apples…and of course Horse Soldier Bourbon.  This is truly a Hot Sauce you will never forget!

More Flavors Coming…


Be ready for the next great thing!

Our Story

Local hot sauce crafted by 3 neighbors with a mission – all natural ingredients with heat, without compromising any flavor!  This hot sauce is guaranteed to become your go to sauce!!


Where We Are Headed…

Our friend’s and family’s support and feedback are pushing us to the next level.  Thank you for all your support and get ready for a spicy journey.